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Real Akoya Pearls 

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“Did you know….An oyster that has not been wounded in any way does not produce pearls?
A pearl is a healed wound.

Pearls are a product of pain, the result of a foreign or unwanted substance entering the oyster, such as a parasite or a grain of sand.

The inside of an oyster shell is a shiny substance called “nacre.”

When a grain of sand enters, the nacre cells go to work and cover the grain of sand with layers and more layers to protect the defenseless body from the oyster. As a result, a beautiful pearl is formed!

The more pearls, the more valuable…

God never allows pain without a purpose.

What if your greatest ministry to others comes out of your greatest hurt or deepest wounds?
The hard things we may be going through now are really nothing in comparison to the glory that will be revealed in us later. (Romans 8:17-18)”

🤍-author unknown

Real Pearls

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