Collection: Gift Wrap for that Special Occasion by Mermaid Tracy

Gift wrapping depends on size of its charge with material used.  All gift wrapping includes tissue paper.  There will be no bow.  Due to risk of getting squashed or damaged doing shipping. Designed for the occasion.  Message Mermaid Tracy via FB messenger or through the website to give your design theme.  She will work with you in picking out the perfect one for your occasion with size and price.  If anything bigger needed than what is offered in this collection it will be an additional $1 an inch. 

Note: This service is offered for in house boutique purchases only.  Items purchased that are drop shipped are not available for this service.  

If order gift wrapping on  a drop ship item.  You will receive a store credit as a refund.  All drop shipped items are shipped from manufacturer directly to customer.  Thus, we cannot gift wrap. 

Gift wrapping is offered to items that are in house at our Boutique only.  This includes special ordered items into our boutique that are requested by customers. This gives us the ability to gift wrap them.  Please note:  additional shipping charges might occur out depending on circumstances.  This was agreed and suggested by our customers to make this service possible on special orders. 

Gift Wrap for that Special Occasion  by Mermaid Tracy